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Distance Learning Programs in Creole

Eksploratoryòm is an audio program to teach science in first and second grade which has been validated by Haiti’s Ministry of Education (MENFP) for these grade levels. Lakou Kajou developed the lessons to be adaptable to classroom use or distance learning (radio). Each grade’s curriculum is presented in 40 audio lessons and a workbook.

The lessons are animated by Zando, the gecko everyone loves on the Lakou Kajou videos. Each audio lesson lasts 10 minutes and presents essential teachings on animals, plants, the human body, water, and the natural elements, through stories, dialogues, songs, and other engaging activities.

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What is Eksploratoryòm?

Lakou Kajou's Eksploratoryòm is a comprehensive science education program and a ground-breaking professional development program for teachers.

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Audio Science Lessons

Increase student engagement

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Embedded Literacy

Content-based literacy learning

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Parent Guide

Support families using the program as distance learning

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Lesson Plans

Provide support & structure for teachers

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Student Worksheets

Solidify learning from audio lessons


Not only is the Eksploratoryòm aligned with the MENFPs first and second-grade science curriculum, it also offers connections to the Kreyòl language development objectives of communication, reading, writing, vocabulary, and spelling.

Eksploratoryòm is a program that guides children to explore their environment. The lessons are created to build an understandings of essential questions, scientific concepts, and science vocabulary in a playful atmosphere with games, songs, and stories. All of the lessons allow the students to increase their knowledge in an active, lively, fun learning experience. Each lesson starts with a warm-up activity, followed by explanations of the subject of the day, by segments that include dialogues, songs, games, and always ends with a summary and a conclusion.

Click here for more information about Eksploratoryòm.

Sample Lessons

Unit overview

unit overview

Activity page

activity page

Lesson plan

lesson plan
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