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Promoting growth mindset

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What is this strategy?

Growth mindset is a way of thinking that can help students develop their abilities, skills, intelligence, and perserverence. It is a way to help students understand that even if they can’t do something now, they can continue practicing to reach a goal in the future. Instead of students saying “I can’t,” you can help them begin to have a growth mindset by encouraging them to say, “I’m not able to do this YET.” This way of thinking builds confidence and promotes self esteem.

When is this strategy appropriate?

When children are learning something new, when children are struggling with learning, or any time to help encourage children’s efforts.

Why Is this strategy important?

A growth mentality helps students in many ways. It encourages them to believe in themselves and apply themselves in their work. It helps students reflect on the mistakes they make and use new strategies that will enable them to succeed.

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