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Ti Lekòl Lakay

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Distance Education for Emergencies

Ti Lekòl Lakay, or “The Little Homeschool” is an engaging asynchronous distance learning program for Haitian children that is designed to reinforce teaching and learning of formal and nonformal curriculum. The audio series is divided up into ten units, each focused on a different theme connected to the MENFP curriculum and embedded with social-emotional learning objectives.

Ti Lekòl Lakay is designed to be flexibly used for kids in preschool to 4th grade. It can be both listened to in a home environment individually, with siblings, or as a family, or in a small or large group in a community setting. Each lesson is between 4-10 minutes of audio content and comes with accompanying activities. Each of the 10 units (bees, living environment, geography, plants, water, exercise, transportation, tools, historical places, and measurement) has 5 individual lessons for a total of 50 lessons. All of Ti Lekòl Lakay content is produced in Kreyòl and free to all users.

MENFP Curriculum Connections



Natural elements, the body, plants, animals.

Social Studies

Spatial orientation, social environment, Haitian history.


Mental calculations, geometry, measurement.

Kreyòl Communication

Reading and vocabulary.
My children are eager to receive each day’s lesson. They break up the routine of the day and are a special message just for kids.
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Examples of Ti Lekòl Lakay Activities

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